Dr. Robert Malone (Inventor mRNA Vaccines), The Spike Protein is Very Dangerous

The inventor of mRNA technology speaks out with a dire warning joining thousands of other highly credentials professionals who agree upon the dangers of the mRNA vaccine.  They concur that many lives are at stake and are very concerned about the censorship that stops this information from reaching the public.

Some highlights from the video at the 13-minute mark.

Dr. Bret Weinstein: The spike protein, itself we now know is very dangerous. It is cytotoxic. Is that a fair description?

Dr. Malone: “More than fair and I alerted the FDA about this risk months and months and months ago. We had a discussion about it.”

Dr. Malone: Just to nail the point home, they did know. I did send them the manuscripts. Their determination was they did not think it was sufficient documentation of the risk that the spike is biologically active.

All three in the video state and concur, that we now know the spike is biologically active and very dangerous and biologically active.

The FDA knew about biodistribution. “They were aware of the risk of the spike being biologically active and having adverse events if they did not stay stuck to the cells that got transfected.”