Want to see how you fake a Pandemic? Watch Anthony Fauci himself discuss the inaccurate PCR process in the video, then read on.

At the 4-minute mark Fauci says that using a cycle threshold of 35 or more the PCR shows nothing but dead nucleotide and the chances of it being replication-competent are minuscule.
They have been using a 40-45 cycle threshold and changed it at the very beginning of this year after vaccination started.

How to Fake a Pandemic and Have them Begging for a Vaccine

After the Coronavirus starts spreading throughout the world:

  1. Use a PCR amplification process that the creator said is not to be used for diagnostic purposes and convince everyone it is an accurate test. See the video above.  Kary Mullis explains that the PCR is not meant to be used for diagnostic purposes. In addition, a court has deemed the PCR to be 97% inaccurate. 
  2. When using the flawed PCR, create purposeful false positives by changing the clinical specimen for sequencing with a clinical value of 28 to 40-45.  – Anthony Fauci himself says using a cycle threshold of 35 or more, the PCR shows nothing but dead nucleotide, and the chances of it being replication-competent are minuscule. He says this in the video above.
  3. Use the word “cases” on a continuous loop and discuss your false-positive PCR case numbers as a basis for your PSYOPS fear campaign.  
  4. Label the positive cases (which are false positives that do not have symptoms) as “Asymptomatic cases” and add them into your pandemic case count numbers to create an illusion that the virus is worse. This will help with the vaccine campaign that will come later.
  5. Tell everyone Asymptomatic people who do not exhibit symptoms are spreaders of the virus. This will amplify the fear of knowing that healthy-looking people can infect others. A study shows there is no transmission from asymptomatic carriers.  The PCR is 97% inaccurate, so they are not carriers at all.
  6. Have everyone get tested even if they do not exhibit any symptoms, so case numbers go as high as you can get them.
  7. Change the criteria for reporting Coronavirus deaths to inflate the number of fatalities. The CDC changed the criteria in March of 2020.  “COVID-19 should be reported on the death certificate for all decedents where the disease caused or is assumed to have caused or contributed to the death. Certifiers should include as much detail as possible based on their knowledge of the case, medical records, laboratory testing, etc. If the decedent had other chronic conditions such as COPD or asthma that may have also contributed, these conditions could be reported in Part II.”
  8. Declare Emergencies and have everyone stay home, social distance and keep people apart from each other.
  9. Skip the Animal Model, get an Emergency Use Authorization for your gene therapy, and call it a vaccine. Since the SARS breakout, they have been trying to create an mRNA vaccine. It was never made for SARS, MERS, AIDS, or any Coronavirus such as the cold and flu, and funding was pulled when trying to create them. Why? Because since the beginning, when the animals in the animal models were injected with any of the mRNA vaccines they were trying to create, then exposed to animals to the wild virus, the animals had an immune response overreaction and killed many animals repeatedly year after year. They could not get past the animal model. So, in an Emergency Use Authorization, they allowed them to skip long-term studies of the animals, and they never did any of the experiments they knew would kill the animals.
  10. Skip the Toxicology model. No toxicology studies were done.
  11. Purposely suppress any treatment from being used to treat the ill. Tell society there is no available treatment and suppress any treatments that could potentially treat and save lives. (ex: hydroxychloroquine) The EUA says if there is a viable treatment available, you cannot use an emergency use biologic. (vaccine)  CRITERIA – There is no adequate, approved, and available alternative to the product for diagnosing, preventing or treating the disease or condition.1,5,6 
  12. Tell people to stay home and not go to the hospital or for any treatment unless they become very ill. This will kill many more people to promote the fear campaign. So if you go to the doctor with a minor toenail infection, you can quickly and easily treat it. However, when the infection spreads to your blood and up your entire leg, and you try to treat it, it will take much longer to heal, be harder to heal and risk that the infection is so bad it may be life-threatening. Coronavirus same thing. When the viral load is that big, and the issue has spread throughout the body, how hard is it now to battle it compared to a minimal viral load with minimal symptoms?
  13. Have the propaganda machine day in and day out repeatedly from multiple sources say, “Safe and Effective and tell them the vaccine is on its way.” Have you ever in your life seen such a propaganda campaign? If they are safe, we ask you why there have been 4.5 billion dollars paid out in vaccine injuries by the Vaccine Injury Compensation Board? Also, this supreme court statement shows you just how safe they are: “No vaccine manufacturer shall be liable in a civil action for damages arising from a vaccine-related injury or death associated with the administration of a vaccine after October 1, 1988, if the injury or death resulted from side effects that were unavoidable even though the vaccine was properly prepared and was accompanied by proper directions and warnings.” 42 U.S.C.A. § 300aa-22(1).
  14. Pour billion dollars into combating misinformation. Translation: Fund Censorship and funnel the money into those who will silence the doctors, virologists, epidemiologists and world-renowned experts who are coming forward to tell the truth. Run discrediting campaigns on all who speak against the vaccine agenda and discuss effective treatments, which would make an Emergency Use Authorization for a vaccine unobtainable by law. Call it “misinformation” each time truth-tellers speak.
  15. Create PSYOPS internet war rooms to put false information discrediting the truth-tellers and call them liars, similar to the Merck strategies to destroy doctors who go against the agenda. Then, flood the internet with massive amounts of information to promote the plan, denying any of the truth and creating stories and allowing them to be shared through all media outlets.
  16. Use the words “conspiracy theory” heavily and start massive campaigns using the phrase while associating it with all truth-tellers. This phrase was successful. Whether created by the CIA, the conspiracy theory’s acutely negative connotations will significantly impact and discredit the truth-tellers. Using the word so often, it becomes commonplace for anyone to label those who do not get the vaccine or believe it and discredit their views.
  17. Use the pathway created for the government to launder censorship through social media.  Dr. Shiva is in the middle of an unprecedented lawsuit where he has evidence that the government is involved in the massive censorship campaign. When social media can ban the most powerful President of the United States from speaking, you cannot deny the censorship machine is a main player in the propaganda war.
  18. In clinical trials, tell everyone your group of vaccinated individuals did not get Covid-19 and declare it is effective. But do not disclose to them that they may have had meager chances of being exposed to the wild virus. Instead, cherry-pick those who would be least likely to be exposed (ex, a very rural town with a low infection rate and someone who never leaves home). Purposely skew the results.
  19. Push the Relative Risk Reductions numbers of the clinical trial, saying it is 95% effective. Do NOT under any circumstances discuss the Absolute Risk Reduction, which puts the efficacy of every vaccine at approximately 1%.
  20. In the clinical trials and after the vaccine is rushed to market, use a 28 threshold cycle for the PCR process to get false negatives to make the vaccine appear effective.
  21. Have the CDC QUIETLY advise to lower the PCR cycle threshold down to 28 from 40-45 so the “cases” drop drastically across the nation after the vaccination campaign begins to create a perception that the vaccine is effective.
  22. Change the CDC guidelines and DO NOT count the breakthrough cases (Covid-19 after vaccination) unless hospitalized or dead. 
  23. Fast track the vaccine and coerce society into taking it based upon false fear. Then, continue pushing fear in all fashions.
  24. Deny culpability at all costs. DO NOT under any circumstances allow anyone to blame the vaccine for the massive adverse events and deaths associated with the vaccine. Instead, take no responsibility and prepare your PSYOP’s internet and media war rooms to flood the internet to hide anyone who comes forward with vaccine injury evidence.
  25. Continue to discredit and cancel all doctors who come forward to discuss the millions of injuries from the vaccine. Ramp up censorship, removing anyone who speaks any truth about the injured or injuries.
  26. Silence all who do not go along with the agenda.
  27. Create a disinformation office in Home Land Security and silence anyone who speaks the truth.