Hypnotizing Society Into Totalitarianism & How to Break the Spell

Repeat the message, hide the truth, repeat some more. Have your new warriors that believe your message turn on the people who do not believe that message to pressure them to fall for it and change teams. People are hypnotized into totalitarian obedience by fear and manipulation. Psychological operations are in full swing, and many people have no idea that they’re being manipulated. Their thoughts are not their own. They are guided and coerced into what they think and believe, which leads to what they feel, followed by what they do.

Basics of Mind Control


Physical isolation can be used as a potent tool. When a person or a family is isolated, they cannot gather together and have the free flow of thoughts and exchange of ideas with others. Not having 0utside opinions and discussions limit the ability to share flowing new thoughts and ideas. Allowing contact only with others who have the ideology embedded in them creates peer pressure to be like them and be accepted by them, leading to a new belief system. If you keep people who believe differently away, it helps promote the desired ideology. This may be why almost every television station promotes the same ideology by design. After decades of the plan, they have complete control of the mainstream.

Repeated Messages

The more people see or hear something, the more they remember it. Remember read, receipt, recall from your school days? Repetition is part of having the ability to remember something. Also, if you become familiar with something, you tend to trust it more. The familiarity principle is a common phenomenon when people have more favorable opinions about something because they are familiar with them—so hearing something repeatedly is a powerful tool to control the masses. When the mainstream parrots the same message, people tend to trust it more. Remember, all mainstream media in every format are owned by those who want you hypnotized. People also trust authority figures more; they can be their favorite news anchors to their pastors and, unfortunately, even celebrities.

Watch for a rhythm that mimics a heartbeat through the thought leader’s speech, or look for a drum beat or music that has a repetitive beat. This is for hypnotic purposes and is done by design. You will know they are attempting a PSYOP on you when you recognize this. They also will turn you against the others and bombard you with information that the other side is wrong. If you are told repeatedly enough, you will start to believe the messenger is right and the other side is wrong.

There is a school in another country where they are putting the children in front of the class, and those who are vaccinated get applause and those who are not must give the reasons why they are not. Positive experiences and praises are being used as a reward system. Negative experiences, actions or words are used to punish the disobedient who will not conform to the totalitarian agenda. This is even more powerful in young children who possess an innate desire to fit in.

How many times have you heard MSM talk about vaccines “without” putting the words safe and effective in the sentence?  When they repeat something for decades this is no doubt mind control.

Anxiety & Fear

A constant state of anxiety makes a person very uncomfortable, making them open to solutions. Sometimes they become so anxious they are too open to any solution. They want it fixed, so their anxiety goes away. The manipulator will do what they need to do to create the pressure to gain society’s readiness for a solution no matter what it may be, whether it makes sense or not. Anything is better than the anxiety state, and they are more easily fooled into trying the solution the manipulator wants them to agree to.

Your participation in the solution will significantly increase when you take the anxiety to the next level and bring the masses to a fear-based atmosphere. Many will no longer see the answer. For example, being so desperate for a vaccine, they quickly look past the detrimental health effects. Having relief from the fear and the anxiety is so much more desired and beings a sense of peace that their minds will not allow them to see the truth. This will keep them in an anxiety state, which if the fear is great enough, the subconscious mind will do anything to get relief—ludicrous or not.

Vulnerabilities and susceptibilities must be targeted in any PSYOP. Propaganda messages are created and disseminated and when fear and anxiety are at the foundation the psyop is more easily accepted.

Monopolization of Perception

They keep the people’s attention on them and don’t allow you to see the other side. Censorship is at its highest peak in the United States and becoming quickly like the communist countries.

They say things to make you feel guilty. The President of the United States of America flat out lies to you, shaming you and belittling you for not participating in an experiment killing hundreds of thousands of people and injuring millions. At the same time, he tells you it is safe and effective. At the same time, they create uncomfortable feelings, which helps force you into compliance while making it seem like it was your decision, yet you were manipulated.

They like to make sure things are off-limits, which is why we are most likely going into another lockdown. More isolation, more things you cannot do, more control and more time for the TV to brainwash you with their lies. I assure you almost everything you hear parroted on the mainstream is lies and manipulation. It will become apparent when you turn off your TV in the subsequent lockdown and start reading the truth by looking for alternative media.

The Subconscious Mind

Why is the alcoholic always the last to know they are an alcoholic? Why do we know of times when people can be told facts, proven through logic and have undisputed evidence to those facts, and they still will not believe it. The subconscious mind works in powerful ways. If the alcoholic knew they were an alcoholic, they might take action, and then the subconscious would no longer have their fix. The subconscious mind works behind the scenes to keep things the way it wants them.

Cognitive dissonance is when you cannot convince that person that right is right. It would cause that person so much anxiety to go against their core beliefs that the subconscious mind is doing what it does best, thinking it is protecting them from the trauma of changing their core beliefs. The more closely a belief is related to one’s self-concept, the harder it will be to change it. Sometimes the views are so much a part of who they are it would be devastating for their subconscious mind to face it and try to change it.

Attitudes are predispositions to respond to certain things such as people, activities or ideas. An attitude has three elements; cognition (facts), behavioral tendencies and affect (feelings and emotions.) Attitudes do not have a middle ground. It is either for or against something.

How do you change an attitude? 

  1. Supply new information to change cognition
  2. Entice them to change using different tactics;
  3. Attack the affect of the attitude by associating the change with the desired result.

Getting Society to Back Objectives

PSYOPs have been used in every war to manipulate the masses to agree with the powers and their agenda. Sometimes they were used extensively; other times, not so much. PSYOPS has been used on the military, political leaders, military and nonmilitary and many other areas. What we are seeing today is a PSYOP against society as a whole.  They have poured billions of dollars into this nefarious campaign with the ultimate goal of world domination. Don’t let your cognitive dissonance stand in the way, and please read on.

What if we told you your government lies to you. What if we tell you you have been deceived. Here comes the anxiety. Take a deep breath and open your mind. If this causes you too much stress read ahead about reprogramming yourself to see the truth.

There is massive information about the pandemic hidden from you—it’s called the truth. This ongoing PSYOP Campaign is terrifying, so we understand why it is easier not to believe it. PSYOPS are a critical element of the world political, economic and ideological actions of those involved in the takeover of society and our governments. PSYOPS have been and are being used to promote resistance to a government or enhance the government’s image during a seizure.  Our government is currently using overt or white propaganda (they take responsibility for it) to coerce society into taking a toxic potentially disabling, or deadly experimental product.  They also use it to divide us, another element of a coup de tat.

They discredit doctors and scientists and pour billions of dollars into these propaganda campaigns with taxpayers’ money. When you cannot battle the truth, what do they do? They discredit the messenger.  Who and what are the fact-checkers?  They are created by the powers that manipulate you into believing what they want you to think and their way of hiding the truth in plain sight.

Factcheck.org is funded by an organization that holds 1.8 billion dollars in pharmaceutical stock and is run by the former director of the centers for disease control. The Robert Wood foundation is one of the benefactors and owns billions in Johnson and Johnson stock.  Collusion is involved in funding the fact-checkers on social media.  Misinformation is based upon what it is they want you to think the truth is. The far left has infiltrated our government, our world and now influencing many aspects of our lives. This radical left administration has unleashed massive PSYOPS on society to get us to conform.  Racism has been revived and fueled and is now setting the world on fire. It is based upon a far-left campaign to manipulate society. They created this “perception of extreme racism.” with their PSYOPS. We all want equality and fair and equal treatment, and a select few are and will always be prejudiced, but society as a whole had moved far beyond that. It is in no way what they make it out to be. PSYOPS very often do not use the truth. The ones who cry racism and point out the skin color of every person involved in everything promote racism, but the PSYOPS has taught them to do that. Many are in on the takeover and do it by design. Others have been influenced to join in. To be very clear, our stance is, in a world where they are pulling and pushing us apart, we need to come together as one and stand and turn against those who purposely divide us. They are our enemy—not each other. Once we realize that and come together as a race and turn against the agenda perpetrating totalitarian control, we will not be free.

If you look at the top of the pyramid of who owns and controls society you see Blackrock and Vanguard and they own the companies that own all of the mainstream media. Every single bit of mainstream media information comes from just a few sources and is disseminated thought-out the country each day. Every station parrots the same story, the same lines, the same phrases as part of the PSYOPS for their ideological agenda—which will lead to a totalitarian rule.

Have you heard that by 2030 you will own nothing and be happy? Klaus Swabb and the Economic Forum are some of the most powerful entities in the world very close to the top of the pyramid I speak of. The great reset is well underway. You will be convinced that not owning anything, a car, a house, the clothes on your back and you will be happy. This is the end game of the current plan and the vaccine rollout is a phase of it. There are millions of people worldwide well aware of this plan so why is it your or someone you know refuses to believe we are under attack and society may never be the same as we have known it to be. Our liberty and our Constitution are under siege.

Unbrainwashing the Brainwashed

Provide a predictable, friendly environment and do not put down others’ beliefs when showing them the truth. If it is you who needs to open up your mind to more of the truth, knowing you will feel unpleasant emotions at times as you turn around the brainwashing and deprogram your mind opening it up to the truth.

First and foremost, what you must do to see the truth is TURN OFF YOUR TV. You may also lose ten pounds if you are a bit overweight. I am a vegetarian on an organic plant-based diet, and one day of tv, I said to myself I will go out for a steak at the end of the Applebees commercial. I reminded myself that I do not eat dead animals in the same breath. TV is your most powerful influencer in more areas than one. Sickness is a big business, and promoting unhealthy, toxic, disease-causing foods are a big part of the propaganda machine, but that is another story for another time.

As you come to accept that your government and the pharmaceutical industry have do not care if and maybe even has an intention to hurt you, you may become fearful. Fear can be one of our most rational and self-protecting emotions, or it can be an irrational one. Try to keep things in perspective and don’t panic or exaggerate. Remember changing beliefs will bring some form of anxiety, whether it be you or the person you are trying to help see the truth. Be prepared for this as you open your mind to new ideas while you research the areas that were once in the restricted zone.

To help someone else see this truth is a bit more complicated. We want them to understand what is going on so they can start protecting themselves, and we can grow our movement in hopes that we can push back enough against the nefarious agenda to stop it. We need every person we can get on our team against the enslavement of man. But there are some that we must walk away from. We cannot force anyone to believe what we believe. We must entice them to want to know the truth. If we want them to see the truth more than they want to know it, we are going about it wrong. Emailing and sending instant messages, texting and forwarding everything you believe into the nonbelievers will do nothing but make enemies for you.

We must first meet them where they are. They have every right to think what they think, and we have no right to force our belief on them as we do not want the nefarious brainwashed forcing anything upon us. We must go about it in  a way where:

  • We must first meet them where they are at. Start the conversation about what they believe.
  • We need to be credible and supply fully vetted verified facts. If we don’t, and we lose credibility, no one will listen to us.
  • We should have subjects that are attention-getters and interesting, so the person wants to know more.
  • We must be kind and considerate and understand they have a right to their beliefs even if they are wrong.
  • We must ask permission to continue to express our opinion if they seem very disturbed by our discussion or appear to want to stop the conversation.
  • We must never force anything upon anyone.
  • We must be open to debate and to hear their side of the story.
  • We must have enough facts to combat any objection they encounter that opposes the truth.
  • We must admit if we are wrong on a particular fact.
  • We should be open to learning something new if they know something we don’t.
  • We should approach it like a scientific debate and have an open mature discussion.
  • Let them ask questions. If they continually ask more questions, they are very open to the discussion.
  • If someone shows significant signs of cognitive dissonance, walk away. Spend your time with people who are open to discussion.
  • Don’t even fight with anyone. It is always ok to walk away.
  • If they start to attack you, the messenger, ask them politely to stick to the facts without name-calling.
  • If they get out of hand with changing the subject, attacking the messenger or just being an ass, this is the person we said we should not spend much of our time on trying to help.

It is always good to ask questions to think and respond vs. lecturing. After someone says vaccines are safe and effective, I like to ask, “So how do you feel about the 4.6 billion dollars awarded for vaccine injuries?”  Most people are unaware of that fact or that awards have been made in vaccine court for a vaccine causing autism in a child.

Asking questions is an essential element to keep the conversation going. Saying, “How do you feel about it,” makes it clear you are not forcing your opinion on them but open for discussion and debate.

Right now, digital currency is a big issue and will lead to the enslavement of man, so do some reading up on the Great Reset. Grab Robert Kennedy’s book The Real Anthony Fauci and highlight the facts. His investigative and legal team have thoroughly vetted the information to avoid a lawsuit.