The creator of the mRNA technology, Robert Malone, stated that the spike proteins produced after vaccination are toxic pathogens circulating through the body. Only a tyrannical government would force or coerce society to put a potentially deadly product in their bodies.  Millions of people nationwide who are educated in the adverse events choose not to—and will not comply.

Freedom Loving Teachers are teachers, paras, secretaries, school nurses, school bus drivers, and school lunch staff that have seen firsthand the ridiculous mandates of children being forced to wear masks. They say they have felt the pressure to enforce something they do not all believe in and have felt pressured to receive a “vaccine” and disclose personal medical information.

They strongly believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion but have medical freedom to not only refuse the jab but to keep medical information private without fear of retaliation. 

Dana Wefer, a local New Jersey attorney, spoke at the rally on Monday. It became apparent as she addressed the crowd why she fought against tyranny and the mandatory vaccine.  She filed a lawsuit against Murphy’s tyranny that morning before the rally, so she had not time to prepare a speech, but she had the crowd on fire anyway. Filed in federal court on Oct. 18, the complaint alleges the mandates are unconstitutional, and we strongly agree.

The lawsuit she filed on behalf of students at The College of New Jersey is headed to the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals. The Univesity is allegedly

Dana Wefer –

Discriminating and segregating students and sharing medical data of students.  Medical liberty and medical privacy should be a given, but today it appears we have to fight for them. Students granted an exemption from vaccination are subject to rules that are unconstitutional and discriminatory.

The Covid19 testing violates the fourteenth amendment and the Fourth Amendment. There are also challenges to the vaccine mandates at the same time. The government forcing people into medical testing is clearly a violation of civil rights. There is a need for more lawsuits, and this is a step in the right direction.

Highlights from the court documents:

The Mandate violates the liberty and privacy rights protected by the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, including the right to refuse medical
procedures and the right to not be medically surveilled by government actors. It also violates the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment, the constitutional prohibition of unreasonable search and seizure, and the procedural due process clause.

They are prohibited from being physically close to other people. They must submit to tracking and monitoring of their health with twice-weekly medical testing and daily health reports to TCNJ.

Nurse Jen Brown has fearlessly stood her ground against the oppressive forces that fight tooth and nail to strip us of our civil liberties. Nurse Jen is a superlative example of an American hero, an intrepid critical care nurse of twenty-seven years who faced the perils of a true Coronavirus outbreak at its onset.

In spite of society’s prejudices, she speaks out with an unbowed head for Freedom and challenges the draconian restrictions imposed by her state government. Her rallying cry echoes through the nation from her place at the Freedom Health Summit, “When has it been the governor’s job to maintain our health?”

Planetism – The Assembly of Natural Awakening was in attendance. Their organization believes in going back to a more simple way of life, connecting to nature and clearing the body and mind of toxins to promote superior health and intuition. They are adamantly opposed to vaccination and stand for religious freedom.

Their members are offered supportive information for Religious Exemptions to vaccination.  They base their holistic health on fully vetted scholarly scientific information from peer-reviewed medical journals.  They fight to expose the truth about healing and educate society on better, less expensive, non-toxic ways of healing. They do not believe in medical testing such as the PCR and think we should not look for a disease when no sign of one exists, and that practice is for a for-profit deception. They believe in healing disease at the root cause and provide education and information to do just that.

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NJPHIPAC was there in full force to show their support.

They are an independent, non-profit, non-partisan, grassroots Political Action Committee.

PHIPAC’s mission is to protect and strengthen New Jersey residents’ constitutionally guaranteed and fundamental rights to make medical decisions for themselves and their families without coercion or undue constraint. We suggest you support them and follow along with their efforts for our medical freedoms.

Billy Prempeh’s voice exploded with truth through the streets of Trenton.  He is running for the people of the 9th congressional district of our great state of New Jersey. He is a resident of Paterson and a former member of the U.S. Air Force.

He was on fire when he spoke of the African American community being lied to, manipulated, and even killed by our government experiments throughout the years.  He taught the crowd about the Tuskegee Experiment from 1932- 1972, where the black community were subject to experiments and were told they were being treated for “bad blood” when they were lied to. This was a diabolical medical experiment on black men to observe the natural progression of untreated syphilis up to their eventual death by the disease.

The black community is very apprehensive and has every right not to trust any experiment run by our government. Another experiment was conducted on poor black people to “cure their cancer.” The Cold War Radiation Experiment on Black Cancer Patients took place from 1960 to 1971.  This was another fraud filled with lies and deception which caused many deaths. Those involved were not given informed consent or told the government was funding the experiment. They were told they could be helped, yet they were exposed to the equivalent of 20,000 Xrays, and as many as one-quarter of them died from radiation poisoning. Billy Prempeh may see something in our government that has a long history that proves they cannot be trusted, and rightfully so.

Dr. Theri and Stew Warner were in attendance to support the effort.  They are both members of, a group of renowned experts who help show you how to take back your health. Their next summit was in New Brunswick, New Jersey, on October 30th. The group of doctors discussed:

Super Immunity for Kids – Fighting Back Against the Radical Tyrannical Marxist Agenda – The Truth, Real Science and Data about the Covid Pandemic, Masks, Vaccines and Lockdowns – Natural Solutions for Childhood Ailments – Protecting Your Freedoms and Vaccine Choice – Detoxing and Best Strategies to Support Children on the Spectrum – Childhood Nutrition and Necessary Supplementation and much more.